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... news: more than 10 Years www.easytoolz.de ! Get the Jubilee-Pack for only 5 Euro......

We are Happy!

More than 14 years easytoolz.de !

THANK YOU to all Friends and Supporter !
  We have bundled up a fine jubilee package.
5 Plugins for only 5 euros !

<>Visit the following link at paypal,
donate 5 euros and get 5 Plugins at the Price of  one !!

 Please click at the follow donation-button and pay the bill,
after that, please click at the Link " Return to donations coordinator"
at the left side down and get your JUBILEE-PACK at direct

Please Notice:
The Downloadfile called "easy-jupit8r.zip"
But it is the FULL Jubilee-Pack !!

The following VST-Plugins are included in the package:

amphetamine V2

easy-muug XT V3.8

easy-northern light 2X

easy-synsun 01


  For further information about the included  Plugins
look ot -> new stuff

Many thanks to all donators...
furthermore all the best !

Virtual software instruments for VST compatible
Sequencer under Win 98SE / ME / XP / 7
Older Stuff (mostly Freeware) under -> old stuff
New Plugins under -> new stuff

Hier finden Sie die easytoolz-plugins: Virtuelle Software-Instrumente für VST-Kompatible Sequencer unter Win 98SE / ME / XP / 7
Die älteren Plugins (meist Freeware) finden Sie unter -> old stuff
Die neueren unter -> new stuff

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